Augmented Reality Interface

seeCOLe presents clinical data within the clinician’s field of view, overlaying relevant patient information on the real-world environment. This enables clinicians to seamlessly access and review patient data without the need for manual searching or distracting screens.

Voice Command Functionality

By utilizing voice commands, clinicians can interact with the seeCOLe app and access patient data in real-time. This hands-free operation improves efficiency and reduces cognitive load, allowing clinicians to focus more on patient care.

Seamless EHR Integration

seeCOLe integrates seamlessly with leading EHR systems, including Cerner and Epic, ensuring access to up-to-date patient records and eliminating the need for manual data entry or switching between multiple applications.

Customization for Departments

seeCOLe can be customized to suit the specific needs of individual departments within healthcare organizations. This flexibility allows different specialties and workflows to be accommodated, enhancing usability and efficiency.

Enhanced Teaching Capabilities

seeCOLe enables clinicians to record surgeries and procedures, facilitating on-the-go teaching and knowledge sharing. This feature supports medical education and professional development, improving surgical techniques and advancing the field.

Where can Clinicians use seeCOLe

seeCOLe can be used in the Emergency Department, Acute Care, Isolation Rooms, Operating Rooms, Outpatient Facilities, Pharmacy, Labs and Ambulatory Clinics.

seeCOLe can integrate with Cerner, Epic Systems and Allscripts electronic health records.

Tele Medicine

Healthcare professionals can utilize the telemedicine capabilities of seeCOLe to collaborate and consult with their colleagues remotely. Whether it’s seeking a second opinion, discussing complex cases, or engaging in multidisciplinary team discussions, seeCOLe provides a platform for seamless and secure clinician-to-clinician consultations.

With seeCOLe, clinicians can connect with their peers through video calls, sharing live audio and visual feeds, and even overlaying patient data or medical images within their field of view. This enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of clinician collaboration, particularly when distance or time constraints may impede in-person consultations.

The app’s augmented reality capabilities ensure that clinicians can maintain direct eye contact and engage in real-time discussions, promoting a sense of presence and enhancing communication during clinician-to-clinician consultations. By eliminating the need for physical travel or arranging meetings, seeCOLe saves time and facilitates timely decision-making, ultimately benefiting patient care outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence

MARY (Medical Assistant and Research sYstem):

seeCOLe MARY utilizes AI algorithms to analyze vast amounts of patient data and extract valuable insights. By leveraging machine learning and data mining techniques, seeCOLe can identify patterns, trends, and correlations within the data, empowering clinicians with actionable information for diagnosis and treatment planning.

seeCOLe Patient Dx:

AI algorithms in seeCOLe provide clinical decision support by offering evidence-based recommendations and guidelines to healthcare professionals. By combining patient-specific data with a vast knowledge base, seeCOLe assists clinicians in making informed decisions, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, and optimizing treatment strategies.

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